Introduction of Alia Translations

If you’re reading this, you must be interested in knowing more about Alia Translations. However, before discussing things related to the world of professional human translation, why don´t we speak a little bit about how Álvaro and Liamar met?

They met through ProZ, a famous marketplace for translators. Liamar just finished working at Villengua Translations as a project manager and translator. However, she wanted to start working as a freelancer.

Furthermore, she was looking for a mentor to keep improving her translation skills. She had the wonderful opportunity to start a collaboration with Álvaro de Marcos. Álvaro de Marcos had started his own business, Spanglator, not long ago. Meanwhile, he was working as a freelance translator. Therefore, they both established a collaboration in which Álvaro would send Liamar projects. After translating them, he would give Liamar some customer skills tips.

With his experience and her education, they created a perfect synergy that is shown in their projects. They have different abilities that complement each other.

Since meeting 5 years ago in Proz, they have been working together on various projects. However, they decided to take it a step further, founding Alia Translations.

After working for different translation agencies, one of the big barriers they saw was the presence of too many middlemen. This slowed down the pace of the projects and diminished their quality due to the lack of communication. Therefore, they decided to create a small boutique of specialized translators, with no intermediaries, who want to make things run smoothly and effectively.

For these reasons, Alia Translations was born: to make things right, to speak with customers directly and in a friendly manner, and to make sure that every project is handled accurately. We know how important human interaction can be. We would like to offer you a professional service and a personal one too.

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