Elisa Manzanal Merino

Elisa Manzanal Merino – English to Spanish Translator and orthotypographical and stylistic Proofreader who specializes in Legal, Medical and Healthcare Translations

Elisa Manzanal Merino has had a passion for languages since she was a child. At school, she stood out for her good grades in language subjects (such as Spanish and English). Hence why she showed no hesitation in enrolling at the University of Alcalá in Madrid for an undergraduate degree in Modern Languages and Translation.

After completing her degree, she moved to Granada to study a Master’s degree in Professional Translation, specializing in Legal Translation. This gave her the opportunity to work in a translation agency. Along with learning how to use different translation tools, it allowed her to gain experience in other fields, such as Medical Translation. Therefore, with a great desire to continue specializing, she enrolled in a Master’s degree in Medical and Healthcare Translation at the Jaume I University in Castellón de la Plana.

Her other passion, apart from translation, is proofreading. She is an enthusiast of the correct usage of the Spanish language. This resulted in her undertaking several courses in orthotypographical and stylistic proofreading accredited by the European University of Madrid. Currently, she works as freelance professional proofreader and Spanish to English translator specializing in Legal, Medical and Healthcare Translations.

Elisa is a committed and positive person who works well in a team. She has acquired multidisciplinary knowledge in specialized translation and professional proofreading. In addition, she continuously keeps abreast of her professional development through courses and seminars. But above all else, she takes care of and pampers the texts she works with. For all these reasons, she is the right person to render your text flawless.

Elisa Manzanal


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