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Business & Legal Translations

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In the field of Business translation, we are experts in the translation of commercial texts both for companies as well as individuals. We adapt to the needs of each one according to the context, region and target audience.

Similarly, we have extensive experience in the field of Legal translation, so characterized by its terminology and specificity. Furthermore, we count on a Sworn Translator that is acccredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The Sworn Translation certification confers our documents with the required validity before any official body.

Business and Corporate Translations

We translate all types of business and corporate communication documents: health and safety at work, occupational risk prevention, staff training, etc.

We also handle the translation of business plans or strategies, presentations, studies, advertising campaigns and texts. Ensuring fluency and accuracy in communication, as well as adapting content to the local market, is essential for a project’s development.

Contract Translation

We have the necessary training and tools (such as glossaries, parallel texts, etc.) to deal with the specificity of these types of texts. This allows us to ensure that the target text is a faithful rendering of the original and in line with the legal reality.
We handle the following: procedural hearing documents, employment contracts, purchase agreements, contracts with providers, confidentiality agreements, distribution agreements, etc.

GDPR Translation

We have worked endlessly on texts for the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The legal framework came into force on May 25th, 2018 and as a result of this, GDPR texts continue to be in great demand. We also translate legal documents which include the following: data protection, privacy and cookie policies, terms and conditions, consent forms, legal warnings, etc.

Sworn Translation

A Sworn translation is an officially accepted translation of an official document or any type of document required for a legal purpose. This could be anything from a medical record to an academic certificate. In Spain, a Sworn Translator possesses an accreditation granted by the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The services of a Sworn Translator are therefore required for a translation to be deemed valid and to certify that it is a faithful and exact rendering of the original.


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