Álvaro de Marcos

Álvaro de Marcos – Project Manager, Translator and Engineer who specializes in Scientific, Technical and Online Services Translations

Álvaro de Marcos and languages have always been connected in some way or other.

He attended King’s College, a British School in Madrid. It was here that he began learning English at the age of three, almost at the same time as his native Spanish.

At just 16 years old, soon after obtaining the Cambridge C2 Proficiency Certificate, he began to work as a translator. He combined his translation services with his Industrial Engineering degree from the ICAI School of Engineering of the Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid. During this time he gained an abundance of precious engineering terminology to add to his personal dictionary, which he continues to use to this date for his Engineering / Technical translation client base.

Before becoming a full-time Freelance Translator and Project Manager, Álvaro worked as a Banking Consultant in Accenture for three years. He spent one year in Alabama (USA) working directly with clients in support and technical development services. So, if you’re wondering who can help you with your business, project management or Banking / Financial translations, just knock on his door.

In his free time, Álvaro is a crypto, stocks and Forex trader. He also regularly goes swimming, plays football and goes running. Along with video gaming, which has also always been one of his passions.

Álvaro de Marcos combines a unique profile. He brings together the skills of a techie and knowledge in many technical areas, such as those described above. All of this combined with a rigorous “mathematical” mind when it comes to grammar, spelling and style rules (backed by his Spanish Language and Literature High School Award at King’s College, Madrid). He was one of those few students who loved morphosyntactic analysis!


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Professional Network