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Alia Translations emerged from the idea of creating a translation service characterized by the timeliness and quality of project deliveries. It is motivated by the desire to guide the client through the entire service delivery process. We do this by swiftly resolving client queries and by offering a customized human translation service, without intermediaries. We combine many years of experience in translation and project management to offer specialized, personalized, competitive and quality services. Our service delivery process is streamlined and appropriate to each client.

Furthermore, our extensive network allows us to provide services in a wide range of language pairs. This network has grown and developed over the years. It has been built on the basis of the professional translators who have worked with us in the past.

Alia Translations

Language Services


The process of translating text from one language to another. Its main purpose is to convey the tone and content of the original text with the closest possible equivalent in the target language.


The process of reading the source text and re-writing it from scratch in the target language. As a result, a greater level of creativity is added to the final product.


The adaptation of a text to a specific culture and target audience.


The process of revising a translated document and checking for spelling, grammatical, syntax, punctuation, typographical and other such errors.

Human TEAM

We are senior translators with specialist training and experience. In addition to this, we are also project leaders with a client-oriented approach and vision. Furthermore, we possess an extensive and solid network of translators with whom we collaborate according to the required language combination. Therefore, we can provide translations into and from a wide range of languages.

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