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We are approachable translators as well as experts in three specific areas, with no intermediaries

If you are looking for an approachable and dependable service, you are in the right place. Alia Translations emerged from the idea of creating a translation service not solely characterized by delivering quality projects on time. We offer a translation service with added value, one in which we directly serve the client through the entire process: translation, proofreading, project management, and customer service. That is why we don't need intermediaries, thus offering competitive and affordable prices.

Native Speakers

Our translators only translate into their mother tongue. Nobody knows idioms, sayings and colloquial expressions better than a native speaker of the language.

Customized Human Translation Service

The senior specialist translator themself will directly accompany the client throughout the entire project, from start to finish.

Sector Specialization

Specialization is what sets us apart. Our senior translators specialize in the following fields: Business & Legal Translation, Scientific & Technical Translation, and Website & Online Services Translation.

Agility and Profitability

Our reduced structure, methodology and direct contact with clients favor agility and the reduced cost of translation jobs.

Language services


The main purpose is to convey the tone and content of the original text in the closest equivalent possible in the target language.


The process of reading the source text and re-writing it from scratch in the target language, thus providing more creativity to the final product.


Essentially, the adaptation of text to a specific culture and target audience.


The process of checking a translated document for accuracy, spelling, grammar, syntax, typographical and other kinds of mistakes.

Areas of Expertise


Price Calculator

Get a translation quote for your text. To find out how much your translation is estimated to cost*, select the number of words or pages, the area of expertise and whether a proofreading service is required or not.

Estimated price:

* Please note the actual price may differ from the estimate shown above depending on file content, OCR / formatting fees, the area of expertise or upfront payments.

Human Team


We are senior translators with specialized training and experience. In addition to this, we are project leaders with a client-oriented approach and vision. Furthermore, we possess an extensive database of translators with whom we collaborate according to the required translation language.

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